Other Writings

Other Writings

Come here to read other stuff of mine. These are written pieces I’ve done for a variety of reasons. Many of them are fanfic. Mostly they should be thought of like an artist’s sketches. They’re almost all unfinished and exist primarily as a form of practice. A couple though are professional submissions to publishers.

Unwilling to Acquiesce (coming soon)

This is a running fanfic based on the Baldur’s Gate series of D&D crpg’s. I wrote this at the Attic which is a fantastic fanfic site with a group of talented authors and a welcoming atmosphere. I encourage everyone who likes the Forgotten Realms to check it out.

She Wolves and the Son of Nine Dragons

My fanfic masterwork. Initially started as an abortive audition piece to write for Privateer Press, this turned into a novella that developed a loyal following on their forums. Set in the Iron Kingdoms (PP’s in house rpg setting) it follows the adventures of Matthias Warlock, gunmage and excommunicated heretic.

The Bright Sojourner Mission

This is a short novella I started as an introduction to a Dark Heresy roleplaying campaign that I was going to run in 2009. The players all moved away and the story staggered to a halt, but I might go back to it at a later date. Set in the Warhammer 40K setting, which I’ve always liked.

The Fighters Series – Slayer

I wrote this summary and sample as a submission to Wizards of the Coast for a series of D&D novels. After the setting competition that saw the creation of the Eberron campaign world there was a competition for ideas for a novel to be entitled “Maiden of Pain”. My submission for MoP was not accepted but it drew enough attention from the editors that I was invited to submit for the Fighters series. This was my idea for novel about a planeswalking psychic warrior.

The Carnival of Disarray

The Carnival of Disarray was my second last submission to the Wizards of the Coast for an open call for their roleplaying setting novels, this one for the then new Eberron setting. It also got me some editorial attention – I never cracked a contract with WotC, but I kept getting notes to the effect that they would be interested in hearing from me again. Anyway, here’s another fish they threw back.

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